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  How does Scott's Anti Odourant work?

Sweat is not the problem when it comes to body odour. It's the bacteria on ones skin (which feeds primarily off sweat from the apocrine sweat glands) that causes body odour. Traditionally deodorants work to mask this body odour or in the case of antiperspirants will clog your pores to stop you sweating in an attempt to halt the spread of odour causing bacteria. 

Scott's Solution works with your skins natural slightly acidic ph level combined with a process called denaturation and the antibacterial properties of the natrual ingredeints means the bacteria can not survive. This process completely eliminates the problem of body odour quickly, safely and effectively. 

Formulated for both Men and Woman Scott's Solution can be used on the hands, armpits and feet

How does xBalm work?

The xBalm works by creating a sealing barrier between cells in dry or damaged skin which locks in moisture and speeds up your skin’s natural recovery process, helping it to heal from within.

Developed over two years with feedback from over 1000 psoriasis sufferers and consultations with a dermatologist xBalm has proven it’s effectiveness on dry and very dry broken skin on the face and body. This mineral rich moisturising balm will give relief to psoriasis and eczema sufferers of any age and is even suitable for very sensitive skin and has also been well received by rosacea sufferers. Our fragrance-free xBalm also helps the skin hold on to moisture while improving its look and feel.


All of Scott's Solutions products offer guaranteed money back results.